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Management Consulting

What is Strategic Management ?

Strategic management involves the formulation and

implementation of the major goals and initiatives

taken by a company's top management on behalf

of owners, based on consideration of resources

and an assessment of the internal and external

environments in which the organization competes.

Strategy is defined as "the determination of the

basic long-term goals of an enterprise, and the

adoption of courses of action and the allocation of

resources necessary for carrying out these goals.

Strategies are established to set direction, focus

effort, define or clarify the organization, and

provide consistency or guidance in response to

the environment.

Strategic management involves the related

concepts of strategic planning and strategic

thinking. Strategic planning is analytical in nature

and refers to formalized procedures to produce the

data and analyses used as inputs for strategic

thinking, which synthesizes the data resulting in

the strategy. Strategic planning may also refer to

control mechanisms used to implement the

strategy once it is determined. In other words,

strategic planning happens around the strategic

thinking or strategy making activity.

Strategic management is often described as

involving two major processes: formulation and

implementation of strategy.


Pro-Solve Consulting (Service Framework)

1.Data Collection

Primary Data Collection

Overview of the Plan

Mission and Vision


2.Environmental Scanning

Financial Analysis

PEST Framework

SWOT Analysis

Industry Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Predicting the Environment

Marketing Analysis

 3.Internal Scanning

Sources of value, advantages, competencies

Value Chain Analysis

 4.Strategy Formation

Business Level Strategy

Customer and Business Level

Types of Business Level Strategy (Pricing)

Boston Consulting Group Matrix Analysis

 5.Corporate Level Strategy


Merger and Acquisition


 6.International Strategy

International opportunity

Entry modes

Risk of International business

 7.Overall formation

Remix of external and internal forces

Strategic Risk how to manage, triple bottom line and limits

8.Strategic implementation

Putting all the pieces together, documentation and implementation of effective strategy

Strategic control systems and development

Operational strategy



 9.Other Strategic issues

 Legal and ethical considerations

Strategic issues in entrepreneurial venture


10.The Final Report